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Health Benefits of a Massage Chair pad

A regular middle aged person has so many things to worry about every single day of his life: work, family, friends and so much more. This is why a typical day for such a person will start with a new zeal and excitement but generally ends with a headache and aching body. Sometimes it’s even hard to get a good night’s rest when your body is in pain.

What will heal you the fastest in such a situation is a good massage? Now, everyone cannot afford or just doesn’t have the time to go to a salon every other day for a massage. A much convenient and affordable alternative is to buy a massage chair pad and install it on the most comfortable armchair or couch that you already have in your house and start enjoying your massage right away.  Here are all the health benefits you get out of a massage chair pad:

Relieves backaches:

Many of the good massage chair pads will offer kneading and shiatsu massage therapies to apply pressure on the key points throughout your back to relieve the pain and to allow your body to relax and enjoy a comfortable massage.

Relaxes neck and shoulders:

A standard massage chair pad will also provide coverage for your neck and shoulder area. It will use rollers to massage these areas and remove any stiffness or pain that this part of your body might be experiencing.

Lower body massage:

Massage chair pads, or massage cushions if you want to be more specific, also offer massage therapies for your lower back. Especially those who have a desk job and sit on a chair for many consecutive hours or those who drive continuously for long hours could benefit tremendously from a massage chair pad that massages your lower back.

However, be careful not to turn on the massage chair pad while you are driving since it may result in an accident due to a possible muscle spasm. You can take breaks while driving whenever you feel the need for a massage. Massage chair pad buying guide & many more can help you in purchasing and uses of massage cushions.

Improves sleep:

With the pain in your body relieved and your brain relaxed after a good massage from a massage chair pad, you will undoubtedly enjoy a better sleep. A good sleep is essential for the body to wake up fresh and function to its fullest capacity all through the next day. All this is made absolutely easy with the help of a massage chair pad.


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How to Buy the Best Food Processor

It is difficult to make any choice and becomes even more difficult when there is a fairly large assortment of alternatives and you mean for your choice to last for years. The same predicament applies to choosing appliances and machinery for the house kitchen. They don’t tend to come cheap and every buyer’s priority is that if they are spending money then the product that they are buying should be effective and long lasting. Similarly, even picking out the best food processor for your kitchen can require a lot of research and some minimal exertion. This is a short guide to purchasing food processor depending upon what you, individually, will be satisfied with.


An important part of any appliance is its motor and how much power it provides. If you plan on using your food processor for tough tasks such as kneading dough, shredding cheese, chopping vegetables, and so on then you should really look for a powerful motor which can handle these tasks and confirm it by reading reviews and talking to salespersons.


A modern food processor should have a variety of speed controls which you can use to monitor your food processing tasks and now, these controls come in the form of flat, touch buttons which are much easier to clean than conventional push buttons. You should also look for a food processor which offers an array of compartments and cups to carry out different tasks. Make sure that the food processor has a tube opening with a pusher at the top from which you can easily insert other ingredients into it if need be.


Shop wisely by looking for a food processor which comes with multiple attachments and accessories designed to maximize its use. Food processors can come with different kinds of blades, cups, slicing disks, and graters. If you want a multi-purpose machine that can blend, juice, chop, grate, and basically do everything in one device then food processors with attachments are the ideal cost to pay.


Because food processors are both used commercially, in professional restaurant kitchens, and domestically, in small, household kitchens, they come in all sizes. Ranging from as small as two to three cup processors to large, fifteen to twenty cup machines, a factor in determining which model of the food processor to get is what your size requirements are. If you are cooking full-blown meals for your family in the food processor like using it for things such as kneading dough then you might be satisfied with a ten cup processor or eleven if the family is larger than four people. Otherwise, if you use your food processor for small tasks and quantities such as grinding and chopping spices and nuts, or making salsa or sauce then you might be alright with a three cup food processor.


Last but not least, you should consider your budget and then accordingly look for a fitting food processor on the internet first, shortlisting reliable brands and appropriate models. Read reviews before making your final purchase.

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Are Pressure Cookers Good for Health?

Pressure cookers are capable of reducing the cooking time by almost one third and are also quite efficient in terms of saving energy. However, do they do all this at the cost of health? The answer to this question is a big NO! Instead, pressure cookers have prove to be beneficial for health as the food cooked through pressure cooking is more nutritional as compared to that cooked through conventional cooking methods. Discussed below are some reasons due to which pressure cooking has been proved to be nutritional as well:

Reduced Cooking Times lead to Preserving Nutrients

Research shows that there has not been any difference between higher and lower cooking temperatures in terms of destroying the nutrients. Heat sensitive nutrients are destroyed regardless of the cooking temperatures and instead of temperature; it’s the cooking time that matters. Pressure cookers decrease the cooking time and thereby better preserve the nutrients, even though cooking at higher temperatures.

Using Less Water Preserves Nutrients

When cooking vegetables in water, nutrients are passed from vegetables to water. As compared to various other cooking methods, pressure cooking uses quite lesser water. Less water comes into contact with food while pressure cooking and hence leaches away less vitamins and minerals. Moreover, if the natural release method is used for cooling the pressure cooker, the steam condenses back in the liquid contained in the pressure cooker. Through consuming this liquid with the meal, the loss of nutrients to water could be further limited.

No Formation of Carcinogens while Pressure Cooking

When cooking particular foods such as potatoes on high-temperature, carcinogenic compounds are formed such as acrylomides. These compounds are formed during situations of ultra high temperature such as deep frying or cooking methods that are dry such as grilling or roasting. However, a pressure cooker prevents the formation of these compounds as steam is trapped within the pressure cooker.

Legumes, Seeds, and Grains are More Digestible when Pressure Cooked

As compared to boiling, pressure cooking facilitates reduction of anti-nutrients found in legumes, grains, and seeds. One of the anti nutrients, phytic acid, binds important nutrients and minerals in the digestive tract and prevents us from using them. Pressure cooking reduces phytic acid much more than boiling and other forms of conventional cooking and thereby enhances the nutrient-availability and digestibility of legumes, seeds, and grains. Along with phytic acid, lectins is another anti nutrient present in grains. Pressure cooking considerably reduces lectins as well and is hence considered to be equal to fermentation.

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How to Clean A Blender?

Cleaning a blender is one of the important tasks if you want to keep your blender life long. No matter how much you use your blender in daily life but if you can clean it by following simple 7 hacks mentioned below than I promise that you will get the most of your blender every time when you use it.

  • It is important that you clean it properly after every use.
  • To clean it, first unplug it to prevent yourself from any electric shocks.
  • Before cleaning, remove the detachable blending shaft or any other attachment which you have used.
  • Clean the shaft with warm water and some mild detergent. Make sure you remove the entire food residue from the blades. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Clean it immediately after use, so that the food does not stick to it. In case you did not clean it immediately and want to remove dried food from it, make a mixture of vinegar and water in a bowl in the ratio 1:1 and blend it for a couple of seconds using your immersion blender.
  • If the shaft and the attachments are dishwasher safe, you can wash them in the dishwasher but make sure you place them in the top rack only. Bottom rack has a lot of heat coming in which can harm the shaft and the blending jug.
  • Do not immerse the motor body in water. To clean it, you can wipe with a damp cloth and then dry it with a clean, dry cloth. You can wipe with a mild detergent to remove stains.

By following these tips you will ensure that your hand immersion blender performs up to mark for many years to come. You will not have to waste time and money on buying a new immersion blender at least for a couple of years.

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Waist Training Effects on your Posture

The concept of waist training has been around as far back as the 1550s. It involves wearing a waist trainer in such a manner that it is tightly wrapped around the waist for long hours. Eventually, in the long run the body adjusts to its shape, making a hourglass figure, which is portrayed by a smaller proportion of waistline to the hips.

For petite ladies, this is not an issue as their bone structures are in the range of small to medium. Bulkier, bigger ladies with large bone structures and high composition of body fat may think that it is hard to use at first. Waist training is still being practiced and endorsed by a number of celebrities due to various:

  • decreases waistline;
  • stimulates thermal activity near the waistline which reduces weight and enhances the effectiveness of exercises;
  • prevents overeating and reduces appetite; and
  • facilitates developing the right posture while sitting

These advantages have made waist trainers an all time favorite among women and men as well. Men have specific waist trainers that are particularly made while keeping in mind the male body.

Here are some important characteristics of a waist trainer that could not only let you accentuate your feminine curves but also ensure the right posture:

  1. It is essential to know your size so it won’t be troublesome for you to adjust it on ordinary days. You would instantly realize that it is the correct one for you on the off chance that it doesn’t meddle with your breathing and it is not causing you torment. Specialists say that the key to waist training is to adopt it slowly.
  2. Furthermore, before attempting on any best waist trainer, you need to get the estimation of the lowest part of your waist as this would be the premise of your objective and the size of your trainer. A good trainer should not move from the hip to your midsection and if it does, it implies that it is littler than your genuine size. It should likewise have the capacity to be fastened with no protruding parts.
  3. Specialists additionally suggest wearing steel-boned trainers as they would last longer. The plastic ones are more inclined to breakage when bound too firmly. Steel-boned waist trainers won’t lose their shape regardless of the extent to which they have been utilized (in spite of the fact that it is still prescribed to buy another one once it experiences a considerable measure of wear and tear).

Waist trainers hence not only let you have a reduced waist but could also aid in having the right posture.